OpenSPR Sensors

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OpenSPR Sensors

Tired of expensive surface plasmon resonance sensor chips? Our nanotechnology enabled sensors are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure consistent and repeatable measurements, at half of the price of traditional sensors. We achieve less than 5% CV on all critical optical properties. Our sensors are stable in a variety of solvents, buffers and reagents. With high-quality and affordable OpenSPR Sensors, you have the freedom to run more experiments.
*Compatible with OpenSPR and OpenSPR-XT instruments


High Sensitivity Sensors

High Sensitivity Sensors provide increased sensitivity for your toughest SPR applications. The increased localized sensitivity is particularly advantageous for small molecule analysis, and can also be used to enhance the signals of other larger biomolecules.



“After one session, I was able to run my experiments immediately using the LIP chips and look at protein binding to different lipid mixtures. The data is beautiful and the instrument is by far one of the most easiest and user-friendly that I have ever used!”

Dr. Tonya N. Zeczycki, Assistant Professor, East Carolina University

Surface Chemistries

Sensor Chip: Coated for the immobilization of:
Carboxyl any amine group using EDC/NHS coupling
NTA histidine tagged targets
Streptavidin biotin tagged targets
Biotin streptavidin coupled targets
Protein A IgG based antibodies
Amine any carboxyl group using EDC/NHS coupling
Liposome Binding liposomes/membrane proteins
Hydrophobic lipid monolayer
Gold non-functionalized and perfect for custom surface chemistry development and targets with thiol groups

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